Caren Rental Administrator Manual

Template shortcodes

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Here are the codes the can be used in templates

[RESERVATION_ID] reservation number, e.g.#102131
[BOOKING_CODE] The six digit booking code, e.g. A2B2C3
[DATE_FROM] Rental start date and time e.g. 15.2.2018 11:00
[DATE_TO] Rental end date and time e.g. 20.2.2018 17:00
[NUMBER_OF_DAYS] number of rental days, e.g. 6
[FLIGHT_NUMBER] Flight number, e.g. AVR68
[AIRLINE] Airline, e.g. Norwegian
[ODOMETER_BEFORE] car odometer at rental start, e.g. 37257
[ODOMETER_AFTER] cor odometer at rental end, e.g. 38111
[FUEL_BEFORE] Fuel on car at rental start, from 0-100
[FUEL_AFTER] Fuel on car at rental end, from 0-100
[CUSTOMER_EMAIL] For the To field in templates
[CONFIRMATION_PRICE] Price to confirm booking
[TOTAL_PRICE] total price for booking
[BALANCE_PRICE] balance / remaining amount
[CURRENCY] currency e.g. ISK
[FIRST_NAME] first name, e.g. Shaun
[LAST_NAME] last name e.g. Stone
[ADDRESS] street address e.g. 37 Dover St.
[CITY] e.g. Los Angeles
[STATE] e.g. California
[ZIP_CODE] e.g. 90210
[COUNTRY] e.g. United States
[EMAIL] e.g. [email protected]
[PHONE] e.g. +61468865566
[MOBILE] +61468865566
[PASSPORT] Pussport number, e.g. A123456
[PICKUP_LOCATION] Car pick-up location e.g. Keflavik airport
[PICKUP_LOCATION_EXTRA] Extra info on pick-up location
[DROPOFF_LOCATION] Car drop-off location e.g. Keflavik airport
[DROPOFF_LOCATION_EXTRA] Extra info on drop-off location
[LOCATION_PRICE] Price for picking up/dropping off at this location
[VEHICLE] car type, e.g. Renault Clio
[LICENSE_PLATE] license plate, e.g. OP 285
[TRANSMISSION] transmission type, e.g. manual
[FUEL] fuel type, e.g. diesel
[COLOR] car color, e.g. white
[YEAR] Production year of car, e.g. 2015
[DRIVER] Name of the driver, e.g. Shaun Stone
[DRIVERS_LICENSE_NUMBER] Number on drivers licence e.g. 19946635
[DRIVERS_DATE_OF_BIRTH] Driver’s birth date, e.g.
[EXTRA_DRIVER_” + driversCount + “]
[EXTRA_DRIVERS_DATE_OF_BIRTH_” + driversCount + “]
[EXTRAS_LIST] list of all extras, e.g. WiFi
[INSURANCES_LIST] list of all insurances, e.g. CDW, GP, SCDW, TP
[CARD_TYPE] Type of credit card, e.g. Visa
[CARD_NUMBER] Credit card number, e.g. **** **** **** 1005
[AMOUNT] Amount paid by card e.g. 36.000
[PAYMENT_CURRENCY] Currency of amount paid by card e.g. ISK
[REFERENCE] Reference number of card transaction e.g. 427222
[AUTHORIZATION_NUMBER] Authorization number of card transaction, e.g. 281437
[TRANSACTION_DATE] Date and time of card transaction e.g. 281437
[USER_NAME] Name of the currently logged in user.
Defaults to rental name in the case of multiuser or automatically sent confirmation mail.
[CUSTOMER_ID] Returns the “Identification number” value from the customer info on the reservation
[SELFSERVICE_ACCESS_CODE] Access code for a KeyCafe keybox
[SIGNATURE] Used for online checkin rental agreements

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