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A web search shows that I have no availability but I have plenty of cars

There are quite a few factors that affect availability. A good rule of thumb is to check the following:

  1. The class and location you are searching for are assigned to the web you are searching on
  2. Prices exist for the class on the web on the dates you are searching
  3. Are there any closed dates, blocked dates or flags on the units that affect availability like “inactive” or “not bookable”
  4. Is the search conflicting with “minimum rental days” in rental settings or on the class?

The prices in Caren don’t match the prices on my website

Most likely there is an offer that is modifying the price, offer modifications are not shown in the price list in caren, they are calculated when the request is made.

What is the “place” field and what does it do?

The place field dictates in what order the items are returned in the API response. For example a class with place = 1 will by default be above a class with place = 2

How do I add a new web?

Only system administrators can add webs, contact us for assistance.

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