• The name of the class is the name that appears on the web page. You can however also use the ACRISS code if preferred.
  • The „Summary“ is mainly used to display info for the class in a list of cars.
  • The „Text“ editor is used for the web page with the class item itself.
  • Units:
    • The class needs to have units so it‘s available for rental. You can add units directly from here.
  • Groups:
    • You can create your own groups to group the cars together on the web. E.g. groups can be named A,B,C,D,E,F,G etc. or even Small, Medium, Luxury. You can also use ACRISS code if preferred to control this on the web.
  • Webs:
    • If no webs are in „Assigned webs“ then the extra item is not available for any web.
    • If there are webs in „Assigned webs“ then the extra item is only available for those webs.
  • Images:
    • Here you can add as many images as you want to create a photo gallery for this class.
  • Meta:
    • This is for SEO to control the Title, Url and Meta tags for the class item web page.


  • You need to select a class for each unit.
  • If you do not set a „License plate“ the systems sets it automatically since all license plates need to be unique. The automatic license plate name can be like „Unit #12345“.
  • If a unit is marked „Not bookable“ the unit is not bookable through a web though you can assign it to a reservation manually.
  • If a unit is marked „Broken“ then is neither bookable through a web or the systems backend.
  • If you need to create multiple units that are identical but have different license plates then you can go to Actions > Dupblicate units. There you can set the „Number of units“ you want to duplicate.
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