Caren Driver Guide Release Notes


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Google content is here!


Explore the new nearby feed based on google places:

Get more detailed information about a place, like opening hours, reviews, website and phone number:

But also google photos:


Sort your trips by last updated date, alphabetical order, number of days or distance:


Navigation won’t stop if you switch between tabs. This way you can add stops on the fly in your on going trip.


A brand new discover menu is now available. Having access to driver guide places (point of interests, campsites and things to do)

but also google place content (attractions, restaurants, groceries, coffees,, museums, hotels and gas stations)

To maximise the place content between driver guide content and google place content, don’t forget to link a place of your choice to its google counter part. More information on how to proceed here.


Improved network detection:

Numerous bug fixes and UI improvements.

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