Caren Rental System Release Notes

Caren Version 2.4.1

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Patch notes – Caren 2.4.1

Valitor Pay

Added support for direct card payments through Valitor Pay.

Next week we plan to finish implementing refunds for these direct card payments.


Investigated and fixed an issue causing failed payments in the 3Dsecure process.

We added a new endpoint and updated the documentation for payments.

We highly recommend SaltPay users update the payment flow on their websites according to the documentation found here:

Please contact us if you have questions about this process.

New version naming scheme

We’ve also changed our version numbering system to better communicate the scope of future changes, starting with this version 2.4.1.

The number indicates the size and scope of the update, the first number stands for major update, middle number is minor update and the last number is for smaller patches.


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