Caren Rental System Release Notes

Caren Version 2.4.2

145 views November 3, 2021 November 3, 2021 sindrig 2

New Features

  • The fleet management overview is now color coded for better overview
    • Green – Upcoming reservation (not started)
    • Yellow – Ongoing rental (started)
    • Gray – Ended rental
    • Red – Blocked
    • Blue – Maintenance
  • Card payment refunds now supported in Valitor pay
  • New parameter affiliate: [string] in the rentalapi/reservation/getlist endpoint.
    • This parameter is a filter on the response that will only return reservations made with that affiliate. The affiliate¬†name is used, not the affiliate code.
  • New endpoint and updated documentation for 3D secure payments through Borgun/SaltPay.
    • Added the endpoint vehicleapi/payment/MdStatus50Enrollment
    • Added detailed documentation on how and when to use this on

Bug Fixes

  • No bugfixes this week

Known issues

  • Email conditions aren’t working as intended


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