Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Changelog for version 21-5 | Released on on 12th of August 2021

New Features

  • Now it is possible to hide the number of availble units from certain webs. The endpoints¬†/vehicleapi/class/getunitavailableondates and¬†/vehicleapi/class/checkavailable now return -1 units for webs that are flagged this way.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where cars sometimes don’t show up in the cleaning feed after being returned
  • Fixed an issue with KeyCafe where keys were not being synced properly
  • Fixed an issue with KeyCafe where the keybox was not sending the updated key status to Caren on pickup
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong user is logged in the reservation history when a reservation is cancelled through the API


  • Refactored code for better performance

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