Caren Rental System Release Notes


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This release is focused on adding necessary features in Caren to support an online check-in process.

New Features

  • Added properties to reservation to support online checkin
    • CheckedIn [bool]
    • TermsAndConditionsAccepted [bool]
  • Added three new endpoints to support online check-in
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/uploaddriverphotos
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/acceptterms
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/checkin
  • Added properties to the response of vehicleapi/reservation/getitem
    • Odometer [numer]
    • LicenceFront [image]
    • LicenceBack [image]
    • CheckedIn [bool]
    • TermsAndConditionsAccepted [bool]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug”Key” and “Status” columns were switched in the Orders view
  • Fixed a bug where the comment icons were not being displayed correctly on the dashboard


  • Scaled up our staging environment database for improved performance

Detailed API documentation can be found at

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