Caren Rental System Release Notes


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A new version of Caren car rental system is scheduled for release tonight, Thursday the 25th of January at 23:00. The upgrade is scheduled to take up to 30 minutes and we will try to keep downtime to a minimum. If you are expecting customers for pickup around 23:00 tonight, please make the necessary arrangements in advance by printing out rental agreements and the order status.

The new version which as the version number V-18-1 includes a couple of new features as well as bug fixes and improvements for developers and system administrators. A more detailed list is available below in the release notes.

We hope that you appreciate this update and if you run into any problems or bugs please report them to

Release notes:

New Features

  • [ZCAREN-37] – New column showing dropoff location in Deliveries > Branches view
  • [ZCAREN-20] – Add creatorId column to reservationpayment table


  • [ZCAREN-22] – Caren version number now displayed in Admin backend
  • [ZCAREN-57] – Added alive check (ping) for API services
  • [ZCAREN-50] – Added a visual indicator on testing environment to show that you are on test

Bug Fixes

  • [ZCAREN-13] – Search in maintenance not working
  • [ZCAREN-28] – Error when opening services in maintenance module
  • [ZCAREN-39] – Multiuser settings removed when a multiuser is edited
  • [ZCAREN-41] – Unit order is corrupted when pagination is used in Fleet Manager Calendar
  • [ZCAREN-48] – Error occurs when the account admin changes regular user to admin user
  • [ZCAREN-49] – Error when sysadmin removes Web from insurance/extra/location
  • [ZCAREN-54] – Undefined units in Unit drop-down on Orders
  • [ZCAREN-60] – Agents access to Orders should not require access to Settings
  • [ZCAREN-61] – User permissions not updated when changing User type from User to Agent and vice versa

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