Caren Rental System Release Notes


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A new version of Caren Rental was released in November 2018. This version includes various bug fixes and number of new features especially related to Folio invoices and accounting data as well as new short-codes for templates.

New Features

[ZCAREN-319] – Number of days in booking confirmation now takes minimum days to pay into account
[ZCAREN-340] – Closed dates check in api/GetList if locations are not set
[ZCAREN-177] – Update make and model for vehicles
[ZCAREN-305] – Draft Invoices now support in beta
[ZCAREN-312] – Speed up Service view
[ZCAREN-324] – Migrate to Redis cache instead of memory cache for multi server envirionment
[ZCAREN-325] – New short code for remaining amount to templates
[ZCAREN-329] – Add VAT percentage to Extras,Class and Insurance
[ZCAREN-338] – Add shortcode for insurance description to item template
[ZCAREN-341] – Improve api/getlist speed
[ZCAREN-342] – Add error codes to api documentation

[ZCAREN-227] – Not possible to add Notes to reservation
[ZCAREN-291] – Language in templates broken
[ZCAREN-313] – When cache is changed, it is not updating on both web02 and web03
[ZCAREN-323] – Default template for emails not correct
[ZCAREN-331] – Overview does not handle double-qoutes in name correctly
[ZCAREN-354] – User with permission user on rental can not use template that has reference to item template
[ZCAREN-356] – Fix start rental agreement mail

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