Caren Rental System Release Notes


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A new Caren version went live in February 2019. The main focus of this update is quality of life improvements and a couple of bug fixes.

Caren now logs which user starts or ends a reservation as well as which user adds extras, insurances or upsells. E-mail templates have been updated and we have expanded the maintenance category.

New Features:
ZCAREN-332 Added “Windshield” as a maintenance category
ZCAREN-339 Added Bcc field to e-mail templates
ZCAREN-346 Added API endpoint for edit reservation customer
ZCAREN-350 Now returns “item not found” when API session is not valid
ZCAREN-359 Now logs who starts or ends reservation in reservation history table
ZCAREN-360 Now logs who adds extra or insurances to reservations, also marks if upselling
ZCAREN-362 Now creates API endpoints that return shared locations per rental

Bug Fixes:
ZCAREN-363 E-mail access check was too strict
ZCAREN-368 Permission check when sending e-mail was too strict

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