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A new version of Caren car rental system was released yesterday on February 13th.

The new version, V-18-2, includes new features for customers with Caren Driver Guide. It is now possible to see which orders have assigned units with Caren Driver Guide. The version also includes a new email template that can be automatically sent to customers with Caren Driver Guide for marketing purposes and to inform customers about Driver Guide before the start of their rental. This feature marks the first milestone in visually connecting Caren Rental and Caren Driver Guide and this is just the beginning as we intend to make the experience of using the Caren rental platform and other Caren products seamless in the coming year.

Version V-18-2 also includes a couple of improvements for handling emails from the system and the rental comment field can now be used in email templates and rental agreements. A more detailed list is available below in the release notes.

We hope that you appreciate this update and if you run into any problems or bugs please report them to [email protected].

Next version of Caren Rental is expected to come out later this month. That version will include mostly improvements and fixes to bugs in previous versions.

Release notes:

New Features

  • [ZCAREN-29] – New web service to connect with Driver Guide
    [ZCAREN-30] – New internal to check if units in Caren have Driver Guide
    [ZCAREN-31] – New tab on Orders to show if Order has unit with Driver Guide 
[ZCAREN-66] – Add Driver Guide to Rental settings
    [ZCAREN-65] – New Email templates for Orders with Driver Guide


  • [ZCAREN-75] – Add rental comments to templates
    [ZCAREN-82] – Improve management of connections with mail servers to prevent timeouts

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