Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Release date: 16.4.2018

A new version, V-18-3, of Caren Rental has been released today the 16th of April 2018. This new version includes a number of bug fixes and a couple of new features for the Reports module.

The paid price and the balances for Orders are now available in the Custom Report and Insurance report can now be viewed and downloaded based on the start date as well as the creation date. These updates are widely requested features and we hope they will be beneficial for financial managers and provide better reports on cash flow for rentals using Caren Rental.

The loading time of the dashboard has also been improved, especially for rentals with larger fleets and a large number of active ongoing rentals. This has been achieved by omitting the loading of email address for the “Send broadcast email feature” until after the user clicks on the button but not before like in earlier versions of Caren Rental.

New Features

  • [ZCAREN-43] – View insurance report based on start date.
  • [ZCAREN-101] – Add Paid price and Balance to Custom Report.


  • [ZCAREN-113] – Don’t load broadcast email on dashboard load. Improvement.
  • [ZCAREN-122] – New logo on the login page.

Bug Fixes

  • [ZCAREN-53] – Unit does not follow if you are inside reservation, moves somewhere else and clicks “back”. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-59] – Start rental does not always appear in reservation history. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-67] – User Type shows 0 under Web -> Users. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-85] – DriverGuide: No licence plate on the unit. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-87] – Validation too strict in edit payment options. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-97] – Error when viewing customers for some larger customers.
  • [ZCAREN-106] – Display name disappears whenever a new offer/coupon is made. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-114] – End rental not added to history. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-116] – Unit status conflicts. The rented unit has status available. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-117] – “End to service” does only work if you are logged in as multi-user. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-118] – Start rental and end rental does not work correctly if you are a user that has not access to Vehicles. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-119] –  Not possible to create the same language for multiple Webs. Fixed.
  • [ZCAREN-120] – Normal users are unable to edit orders with offers that are based on payment options. Fixed.

API updates

  • No updates have been made to the APIs in this release.

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