Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Release date: 18.5.2018

A new version, V-18-4, of Caren Rental has been released. This version includes various new features and bug fixes as listed below. This version also includes a Beta version of the Finance module that will give managers an overview of all payments and an option to transfer payments to an accounting system such as DK accounting system.

New Features

  • [ZCAREN-136] – Add User to payments log 
  • [ZCAREN-138] – Add name of payment option to reservation payment 
  • [ZCAREN-143] – Add Web to Outstanding payments report 
  • [ZCAREN-148] – Split the auto-assign job 
  • [ZCAREN-121] – Finance beta: Transfer payments to an accounting system
  • [ZCAREN-125] – Finance beta: Make a connection between payments and invoice in accounting, show in reservations if payment has been invoiced
  • [ZCAREN-126] – Finance beta: Create service in Caren Rental for DK Accounting system
  • [ZCAREN-127] – Finance beta: Add Finance module to Caren Rental
  • [ZCAREN-128] – Finance beta: Create permissions for Finance module
  • [ZCAREN-129] – Finance beta: List up payment options that have not be invoice-ed in finance module
  • [ZCAREN-131] – Finance beta: Create accounting service, start with DK, make sure we can add other accounting systems to it later.
  • [ZCAREN-137] – Finance beta: Add accounting to rental settings, only allow the sysadmin to set this property
  • [ZCAREN-139] – Finance beta: Make Web multi-select in accounting settings
  • [ZCAREN-140] – Finance beta: Add payment option and affiliate to accounting settings and make them multi-selectable
  • [ZCAREN-141] – Finance beta: Send single payment to accounting functionality
  • [ZCAREN-152] – Finance beta: Add rental to accounting index view
  • [ZCAREN-154] – Finance beta: Add name to accounting
  • [ZCAREN-155] – Finance beta: Remove properties from accounting that is not used

Bug Fixes

  • [ZCAREN-15] – Template for a given web that belongs to another rental is not shown on the index list 
  • [ZCAREN-23] – Insurances á add reservation [ZCAREN-36] – Account admin can’t see web for User but Sysadmin can 
  • [ZCAREN-45] – Information on Calendar in Fleet management is inaccurate 
  • [ZCAREN-144] – Order list view bug fixed 
  • [ZCAREN-146] – List of users not visible in User tab in Accounts-Edit 
  • [ZCAREN-149] – Bug: VehicleRentalToWeb.GetConfirmationPercentage error 
  • [ZCAREN-153] – Url in api /class/getlist and /class/getitem does not return URL from language if the language is set 

API updates

  • [ZCAREN-124] – New API endpoint for availability in Class by date

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