Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Release date: 4.7.2018

A new version, V-18-5, of Caren Rental has been released. This version includes various bug fixes and improvements. See the list below for details.

Bug Fixes

  • [ZCAREN-46] – User that only has access to Maintenance gets “Access denied”
  • [ZCAREN-158] –┬áNo TO address in confirmation template results in an error when calling Sendconfirmation in API
  • [ZCAREN-170] – ModifierId is not updated when reservation is edited through the API
  • [ZCAREN-176] – Message queue logger fix
  • [ZCAREN-186] – Duplicating an order results in an error
  • [ZCAREN-203] – TotalPrice in a reservation is 0 (zero) in listview and when exported


  • [ZCAREN-161] – Remove unit from future reservations if it is moved between classes
  • [ZCAREN-162] – Change “Edit item” to “Save changes”
  • [ZCAREN-166] – Improve Performance: Remove price for extra and insurance from GetList API. Fewer calls to availability in GetList API (hotfix in V-18-4)
  • [ZCAREN-171] – Account admin cannot delete a user
  • [ZCAREN-185] – When a user changes request to reservation it does not show up in history
  • [ZCAREN-200] – SharedLocation missing from API documentation

API updates

  • [ZCAREN-193] – Add place to response from api/extras/getlist and api/insurances/getlist
  • [ZCAREN-210] – Add MinimumRentalDays and MaximumRentalDays to Class.GetList response in API

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