Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Version V-18-7 of Caren was released on the 31st of July. This version contains a number of new features for the Finance module and the integration with DK accounting. It now also possible to see which orders are locked on the Fleet management overview. This is indicated with a small lock icon on orders that are locked. V-18-7 also contains a few bug fixes and improvements to data delivered by API endpoints. See release notes below.

API improvements

  • [ZCAREN-210] – Add MinimumRentalDays and MaximumRentalDays to Class.GetList response in API
  • [ZCAREN-239] – Add “Minimum booking hours in advance” to api/rental functions response
  • [ZCAREN-250] – api/class/getlist is not returning correct values when filtered by classids
  • [ZCAREN-248] – Strange behaviour of getlist endpoint

New Features – General

  •  [ZCAREN-221] – Show if order is locked or not on the Fleet management Overview

New Features – Finance module for DK accounting

  • [ZCAREN-130] – Create a job that bulk inserts payments to the accounting system (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-174] – Add table for invoice batch (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-175] – Add status, error message, invoiceBatchId and accountingId to invoice table (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-189] – Frontend for batch accounting (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-190] – Create controller for bacthaccounting (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-191] – Create a console app that listens to bulk accounting queue (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-216] – Add creator column to finance page (DK)
  • [ZCAREN-232] – Add Customer number to payment options (DK)


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