Caren Rental System Release Notes


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A new version of Caren went live on the 4th of April.

The update was focused on adding functionality to Folio, the invoice preparation tool in Caren and system administrator rights.

We also added the flight number and last modified fields for custom reports and the cancelled reservations table due to a large amount of cancellations because of WOW air going out of business recently.


  • [ZCAREN-382] – Start and end rental are not always updated correctly
  • [ZCAREN-389] – Fixed bug whereCreator of virtualcard payment charge is not correct

New Features

  • [ZCAREN-371] – Folio load time optimised
  • [ZCAREN-372] – Added PDF functionality to Folio
  • [ZCAREN-373] – Added Send functionality to Folio
  • [ZCAREN-374] – Added Print functionality to Folio
  • [ZCAREN-379] – Agent users now have access to all reservations associated with webs the agent has access to
  • [ZCAREN-390] – System administrators now are able to set if user is API user or not
  • [ZCAREN-391] –  System administrators now are able to see the API key of the web
  • [ZCAREN-392] – System administrators now are able to assign rentals to accounts.
  • [ZCAREN-396] – Flight number column now available in the exportable custom report
  • [ZCAREN-397] – Last modified date now visible in both the Cancelled reservation view and the exportable custom report.

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