Caren Rental System Release Notes


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A new version of Caren was released on 17th of July. The focus of this update were improvements to the invoicing system and DK connection. We also added new API endpoints for editing reservations as well as the usual bug fixes.

New Features:

  • New API endpoints for  checking and updating reservations. The new endpoints are:
    You can find the full API documentation here.
  • Send invoices to DK via finance module. Now it is possible to have an invoice view in the finance module and send invoices directly from Caren to the DK accounting system. Previously only payments could be sent. Please contact Origo if you want to enable this feature for your rental.
  • Extra info textbox for units. This new textbox under the unit section is useful for special or customized vehicles that have additional features not previously supported.
  • Negative numerical values for manual editing of prices. In version 19-5 we added a validation to every numerical field preventing negative number, letters and other special characters from being inputted in those fields. We have now changed the validation to allow for negative numbers in prices.
  • Added to the payment options overview. We added two columns to the payment option overview table. Now you can see the method of the payment option and whether or not it is being displayed on web in the overview.

Bug fixes:

  • Mismatch between rental days report and reservations by web report. This has been fixed so both reports show the same information.
  • If the “Use default currency” option was checked the default rental currency was not used. Now it is.
  • Balance was displayed incorrectly when total paid is over 1,000,000 ISK. This has been fixed and now the balance is displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a pdf from Folio was not working properly.
  • Fixed the column ordering for reservation reports.


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