Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Version 19-7 of the Caren rental system went live on 21.08.2018.
The main focus on this update is to improve the process of notifying users of updates to Caren well as improve the security of reservation references with the new and unique booking codes.
As usual there are a handful of bug fixes as well and some API updates.

New Features

  • Added booking codes to reservations. This unique 6 character code is meant to replace the sequential reservation number and we recommend sharing this new booking code with your customers as a booking reference moving forward. The sequential booking numbers will still be in the system but we highly encourage using them only for internal use.
    We also recommend that admins with access to templates replace instances of [RESERVATION_ID] with the new parameter [BOOKING_CODE] in order for it to be displayed in confirmation emails, on rental agreements etc.
  • Added internal system notifications for new releases and a permanent link to the version release notes for the current version in the footer.
  • Added history logs for comments on reservations. Any changes are logged in the history tab.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Reservation report so that the first column is now sortable.
  • Separated active classes from inactive ones in the class selection drop down list when manually adding or editing reservations.
  • Fixed a bug where e-mails were being sent from deleted templates
  • Fixed a bug where some users with access to prices could not edit offers or location prices
  • Fixed a bug where the location type could be changed despite there being reservations assigned to that location
  • Fixed a bug where a class could be deactivated despite there being future bookings on the class.
    • Added a tooltip that shows which reservations will need to be moved to a different class before deactivating.
  • Fixed a bug where an extra day was not calculated correctly in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where reservations were not searchable by reservation numbers after the update.

API updates

  • Added new API endpoints:
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/checkpricechange
    • /vehicleapi/class/offsetsearch
  • Updated /vehicleapi/reservation/getitem & /vehicleapi/reservation/getlistbyemail to use the booking code as a key instead of the reservation number.
  • Updated /vehicleapi/reservation/edit to use the new endpoints added in V-19-6 to get correct prices:
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/updateclass 
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/updateterm 
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/updatelocations 
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/updateextras 
    • /vehicleapi/reservation/updateinsurance
  • Fixed a bug when vehicle price is calculated after changing the term of a reservation.
  • Fixed a bug in /vehicleapi/class/getlist that was causing it to return incorrect prices in specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in /vehicleapi/user/login that could potentially cause security risks

For the full API documentation, visit

Hotfix 30.8.2019

  • Fixed a bug where prices where sometimes calculated incorrectly when editing reservations via API.

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