Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Version 20-1 of the Caren rental system is live as of the 30th of January 2020

New Features

  • Added a field on reservations to see the price per day. This allows users to see the daily revenue of a given booking at a glance. Added the daily price to the new booking feed on the dashboard as well.
  • Added the web of a booking in the fleet management overview. This allows users to see the source of the booking in the fleet management overview without needing to open each individual reservation.
  • Added a shortcode [USER_NAME] to templates. This shortcode is replaced by the name of the currently logged in user. This allows for more personalization of rental agreements and manually sent mails. In the case of multi-users and automatically sent mails this is replaced with the rental name instead.
  • Added fields for estimated in-fleeting and de-fleeting dates on units.
  • Extended the log-in session to 12 hours. After a lot of complaints from users getting logged out of the system while working on something we have decided to extend the log-in session dramatically.
  • Added a new system livecheck API endpoint:
    • The new endpoint {{base-url}}/vehicleapi/status/livecheck requires no log in or key and returns the status of the Caren system and database as well as the response times.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the “change” function in the Service view under the Maintenance section. Now the comment is added as a work report instead of just as a note on the unit.
  • Fixed the sorting of Branches Now branches are listed alphabetical instead of based on creation date.
  • Fixed a currency bug in the following API endpoints:
    • /vehicleapi/class/getlist
    • /vehicleapi/insurance/getlist
    • /vehicleapi/extra/getlist
    • /vehicleapi/price/getprices


For the detailed API documentation, visit

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