Caren Rental System Release Notes


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We are working on integration with a new partner, UpsellGuru and have updated a few endpoints to support that integration. We also added an optional parameter to the vehicleapi/payment/add endpoint to make storing virtual cards easier via the API.

API updates

  • Added two optional parameters to the rentalapi/reservation/getlist endpoint
    •  dateFilterType: with the values “created”  or “starts”. This filters the results by matching the dateFrom and dateTo parameters to the created date or starting date of the reservation respectively
    • bookingCodes:[] takes an array of booking codes and returns only those reservations. This allows for fetching of one or a few specific reservations with the getlist endpoint
  • Added a price breakdown for the response of rentalapi/reservation/getlist
    • Now the response includes detailed price breakdown of the vehicle, extras, insurances and location prices instead of just the total price of the reservation.
  • Added optional parameter to the vehicleapi/payment/add endpoint:   OnlyStoreVirtualCard: {{boolean}}
    If set to true and the payment option selected uses a virtual card/card storage method the amount is set to 0 and the card is stored.

The full API documentation is available here:

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