Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Version 20-6 of the Caren rental system is live as of the 20th of August 2020.


  • Improvements to Folios, Invoicing and sending invoices to the DK accounting system.
    • Added new Folios view under Finance that shows list of all folios for the selected date range with ability to do individual or batch invoicing.
    • Added more detail to the Invoices view under Finance, notably balance and invoice date
  • Added two response parameters to the vehicleapi/reservation/getitem endpoint:
    • “StartRental”: [bool] – returns whether the rental has started or not
    • “LicensePlate”: [string] – returns the license number of the assigned unit
  • Added an optional request parameter to the vehicleapi/reservation/add endpoint:
    • Reference”: [string] – this input will be added to the “Reference ID” field on the reservation in Caren
  • Added more information on units in the delivery views to be the same as in fleet management overview. OP for off plates, S for summer tires etc.
  • Fixed a bug in vehicleapi/reservation/getitem where drivers with missing data in the Caren backend were not returned at all. Now drivers with no data are returned as well.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Add Payment” dialog in the application
  • Fixed a bug where reservations could not be dragged between classes in the fleet management overview

You can find our API documentation here:

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