Caren Rental System Release Notes


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Version 20-7 of the Caren rental system is live as of the 23rd of October 2020.


  • Added indicators for comments on reservations.
    • Icons with tooltips added to all reservation views
  • Added balance column to the Dashboard and Deliveries view
  • Improvements to Folios, Invoicing and sending invoices to the DK accounting system.
    • Added a field for sending a separate payment type to DK for refunds
    • Invoices and folios for cancelled reservations now hidden by default.
    • Fixed a bug where folio dates were not updated properly when reservation was edited.
  • Implemented an updated payment module from Dacoda, support for 3D secure payments for Borgun should now work properly.


  • Added new field for tire sizes
  • Added new tire type, “Year-round”
  • Added new endpoint to the rental API to get reservations by license plate

You can find our API documentation here:

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